Led Sports Field Lighting Spotlight 200w

200watt 250watt 300watt led sports field light. high quality with LEDIL PMMA lens.
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LED sports field lighting spotlight 200w 150w 100w

Unexpected design

One power combination can be configured with different brightness or anlge modules. so faster delivery.cheaper freight.Power supply is Tridonic form Austria,8 years wrranty.PMMA+glass lenses from Finland.quality assurance 10 yearsn without yellowing. 30degree 60degree 90degree .TYPEII TYPEIII and so on.

Fine surface treatmen. beautiful appearance. 

Multiple parameter configurations are available. Factory can order,led spots field lighting spotlight 100w 120w150w 200w 250w 300w

LED sports field lighting spotlight 200w

LED Brand :Lumileds/Cree/Samsung

Drvier Brand :Tridonic/Inventronics//Meanwell

Nominal Wattage: 203w

Lamp luminous efficiency :145lm/w

Lamp rated lumen output :31000lm

Beam angle :25d/ 30d/ 55d/ 90d/ 110d