Design Of Lighting Tunnel For LED Tunnel Lamp

- Sep 15, 2018-

Tunnel illumination is different from ordinary road illumination, it has its obvious particularity, and its thinking on peace is very important in lighting system. In the design of tunnel lighting plan, we should think about the human's compliance and dark adaptation elements, and pay attention to the lighting design of Transition section and Transition section. In order to satisfy the driver's eye compliance request, a light and dark transition illumination is required at the entrance of the tunnel to ensure a certain vision request.

At the exit of the tunnel, the response time is very short, the normal is within 1s, so no other disposal is possible.

Tunnel is a block of space, natural light can not be reflected in it, in order to ensure the connectivity and safety of the life of the people, even the daytime of its interior throughout the need for artificial lighting, tunnel lighting is an indispensable part of the construction of the tunnel. The energy-saving research of tunnel application of new light source has been concerned by the industry, and the energy-saving discussion of LED tunnel lamp has been seriously paused. Due to the visual and intermediate vision theory, color rendering and illumination relationship, LED application in tunnel lighting has a congenital advantage, so in the country once a number of important tunnel lighting engineering used LED tunnel lights. The application of LED tunnel lamp in tunnel lighting engineering has been broken, but there are still problems, for example, not specifically for the LED as the light source of the tunnel lighting design and construction standards, product performance and so on.

60% of the tunnels in Europe are in Italy, and this case is an example of the practice of a tunnel in Rome, Italy. Automobile exhaust, noise, vibration, pure air, corrosive gas, water and other harsh environment constitute the particularity of tunnel lighting.

In order to provide a safe and warm lighting environment for communication vehicles and pedestrians, the following analysis is done to discuss the design thoughts and methods of tunnel lighting. Using Spark Square LED tunnel light, we currently use LED has been improved to 1W 114-122lm/w, Today's voltage is 3.2V, we still use 320hA power supply, so the practice of 1 led power for the 1.024w,56 light source of the total power of 61.6W, our power conversion efficiency is 86%, so the total power of 72.6w,736 meters tunnel total 103, total power 103x 71.6=7374.8w.

24 hours a day to work, the total power consumption of about 215.3 degrees, a year about 71950 degrees of electricity. Tunnel length is 736 meters, at the entrance of the tunnel light is the use of intelligent control of its brightness rather than the traditional sodium lamp of the direct night-off practice, it is necessary to adjust the overall lamp density according to the demand of the sky brightness. The original sodium lamp device planning, in the strong light turn on the time will constitute three brightness area, the gap hole 0~30 meters is a high brightness area, brightness of 80lux,30~60 meters for the medium brightness area, the brightness of about 50lux,60~96 meters for the transition region of about 40Lux, the middle area of the tunnel is a low brightness region,

Brightness is about 30Lux, when the night light off, the entire tunnel is a low brightness area, the brightness of about 30Lux.

After taking the tunnel led transformation, in the interval tunnel import and export total of 40 LED tunnel lights will take the intelligent control of its brightness method to control its brightness, a total of 63 lamps to take the year-round full power work, the total number of lights in 103, than the previous design to 7 more. The detailed procedure is, the tunnel import and export each device one photosensitive controller, collects the light signal, the light signal direct control adjusts the tunnel import and export altogether 40 led tunnel light brightness, in the daytime light good time takes the full power work, in the evening uses the half power work, the brightness changes with the external environment brightness change, the controller does not consume the electricity, In daylight outside the tunnel light is good, the tunnel light will be full power work, at this time the brightness of the 80,50,30lux to meet the request, in the evening after the tunnel light half-power work, the hole brightness is about 40Lux, the tunnel is still 30Lux, if you do not need brightness changes with the external environment,

Can directly set the fixed time and change the LED tunnel light brightness.