Development Prospect Of LED Tunnel Lamp

- Sep 15, 2018-

At present, in the light source of tunnel lighting application, high-pressure sodium lamp because of its high visual effect (up to 120lm/w) and obtained large-scale application, but high-pressure sodium lamp in tunnel lighting still exist some difficult problems, mainly is poor color rendering and light source Power selection range Limited (usually can only choose 250W and

400W), especially in the interior segment lighting, high-pressure sodium lamp on the one hand there is no small power, on the other hand, the point of strong light source caused by glare and strobe more serious. In some long tunnels, the direct-tube type fluorescent lamp has a good visual inducement for its high color rendering and linear illumination, but because of the short life of fluorescent lamp, usually only about 8,000 hours, so it often needs replacing, which greatly increases the maintenance cost of the tunnel. In addition, the fluorescent lamp power is small, in the entrance section, the transition section and the exit section, such as the need for higher illumination areas can not meet the requirements. In recent years with the induction lamp technology mature, due to eliminate the influence of the electrode factor, electrodeless fluorescent lamp has a longer life than the traditional fluorescent lamp, can also achieve greater power, which makes electrodeless lamp in the tunnel lighting occasions embodies the advantages. However, the luminous surface of the electrodeless lamp is larger, and the optical efficiency of the luminaire is low when the optical design is carried out.

And spark led tunnel light can be said to be integrated with high-pressure sodium lamps, straight tube fluorescent lamps and electrodeless lamps of the advantages of the current tunnel lighting application of the most ideal light source, its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1) High luminous efficiency, the current production of single-chip 1W LED light efficiency can reach more than 100lm/w, and because it is a single-sided light, in the entire luminaire optical system design process, can achieve a high efficiency of the luminaire.

2) long life, led in a reasonable heat dissipation design and power-driven conditions, can have up to 50,000 to 70,000 hours of life, for 24 hours lighting tunnel illumination application, can greatly reduce maintenance costs, and can shorten the payback period.

3) easy to match the light, led light source because of the light emitting size is very small, one side out of light, the direction of light is very strong, so it can be easily matched with a lens or reflector cup, to achieve a better distribution of light, not only to improve the use of the entire luminaire efficiency, but also to ensure good uniformity. 4) Flexible luminaire design; Spark led tunnel light not only in the power design flexibility, the use of 1W led devices, can be based on the actual illumination requirements to change the number of LED light source, to achieve the best energy-saving effect, and due to small size, the design of the luminaire shape is also very flexible,

Both can be made into linear lamps to achieve better visual penetration, but also can be designed as rectangular lamps suitable for higher illumination requirements of the Entrance section, Transition section and Exit section.

5) Intelligent dimming control, the use of LED can realize the electrodeless dimming, can be combined with the brightness of the hole to dynamically change the brightness of the tunnel lighting, give full play to the technical characteristics of LED tunnel lighting, and further improve the energy saving effect of LED tunnel lamps, to achieve intelligent tunnel lighting. Spark patented intelligent LED tunnel light can be used for computer dimming, temperature control, automatic inspection, elevation/horizontal angle adjustable and other functions.

Luminaire light efficiency 80lm/w, energy saving rate 70% Although the current large-scale application of LED tunnel lights still have a lot of difficulties and challenges, such as LED lighting product standards are not perfect, some inferior products on the negative impact of market promotion, LED tunnel lamp first purchase cost is higher. These all bring pressure to the large-scale market application of LED tunnel lighting products, but these pressures are inevitably encountered in the early application of any new technology.

However, with the further development of high-power white LED technology, LED tunnel lighting integrated system technology continues to mature, people's energy conservation and environmental awareness of the further enhancement, LED technology will be in the field of tunnel lighting applications to create a new future in the semiconductor lighting industry.